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Albion’s Seed Is Texas Liberal Book Of The Day—Toxic Trees In Russia

Blogger’s Note—Because I have some other projects I want to take on, I’ll be offering up shorter and more formulaic posts for the remainder of August. These posts will still be quite good and will merit your visiting the blog each day. Yet at the same time, shorter posts will allow me time to accomplish other objectives. Thanks for reading Texas Liberal.

Texas Liberal Book Of The DayAlbion’s Seed—Four British Folkways In America by David Hackett Fischer. This is book is shown above by my friend Hamburger Wearing An Astros’ Hat.

This book is an account of the ongoing impact of British settlement in colonial America. It is interesting to see how the beliefs and habits of people who lived so many years ago are still impacting American life. You can see by how tattered the book ios that Hamburger really enjoyed this title.

Link Of The Day-The forest fires in Russia are burning trees that were coated in radioactive fallout from the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident. This has raised a concern of radioactive smoke.

We’ve found a way in the world to make even trees be toxic.

Texas Link Of The Day—Please be certain to visit the Houston political blog Brains & Eggs each chance you get.

Local political bloggers do the best they can do with the time they have to make the world a better place.

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  1. Neil, I took the liberty of of moving this post to your latest vitrolic spewing. Previously, I had just posted it wherever I had had enough and wanted to let you know how I feel. Please free to delete the one from “The Vulgar Lady At Subway”. Actually, I will be AMAZED if you don’t delete them both.

    Good day Neil and the rest of you liberal hypocrites.
    It took me a 30 seconds to see that while you proclaim “All People Matter” it is only those that agree with you that matter to YOU! It is the same endless story with you self proclaimed liberals. Every body is equal and deserves their say, UNLESS you don’t like what is said. I am sick and tired of pseudo-intellectuals like you that are barely literate acting like they have some wellspring of knowledge and correctness not available to the unwashed masses. Any clown with a blog can and does spout a daily diatribe on what is good and what is right. People like you are pathetic. The page that first loaded when I came upon your miserable missives led off with a glowing little story about Obama and Clinton kissing and making up. Forget the fact that those to are about power and control and would do ANYTHING to get it, let’s assume that they REALLY are past the differences and are all chummy now. Let’s even say you have a point in saying we all have people in our lives we could forgive, reconcile and move forward with. I believe that’s true and, for myself I have done my best to do that very thing. You however apparently are much better suited to pontificating as opposed to actually taking action. Your very next post you deride people you don’t even know simply because their dog lunged at you every time you walked by their property! And let me get this straight it was tied, unable to leave the property of it’s owners? Right? My God if you are such spineless coward that the poor tethered dog frightened you, perhaps you should have used your towering intellect to take a different route. but here is the crux of biscuit, instead of practicing what you preach, you harbor a decades old grudge against people you don’t even know and are glad the dog is dead! And now he has the audacity to leave a sign up voicing his political views! My God, what stones these people have! To put up a sign on their own property practicing their first amendment rights to show support for a politician that the Almighty, Omniscient Neil does not like! What nerve.
    You are exactly the kind of perverse “liberal” that this entire world could do without.
    I quote you, “a broad acceptance of people regardless of who they are.”
    What a joke!
    You sir, are a self-indulgent ass.

    Comment by Jeff Rodgers | August 12, 2010

  2. Jeff—Thanks for the comment.

    I sure do wish I were omniscient. I bet that might be a blast.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | August 14, 2010

  3. Neil,
    Thank YOU for YOUR comment!
    I may not agree with your politics or your solutions to all the world’s ills but I should NOT have personally attacked you.
    I came here by accident, but read around because I never learned anything from someone that agreed with me.
    I guess it is true…
    A gentle answer turneth away wrath.

    Have a reflective day!

    Comment by Jeff Rodgers | August 16, 2010

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