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Blogger Pesters Judge

Here is your blogger last night at the kick off of Houston Votes.

Houston Votes is going to register 100,000 people in Harris County in 2010.

My hands are outstretched  as I am pleading with 312th Family District Court Judge Robert Hinojosa to buy me a beer.

“C’mon Judge. Buy me a beer. You don’t like me or something?”

Judge Hinojosa is saying–“If my bailiff were here now, I’d have you detained.”

Looking on is Texas Railroad Commission Democratic nominee Jeff Weems.

Mr. Weems is saying about me—“Can you believe this guy? What a jerk.”

Behind us with the nervous look is top Houston political blogger Stace Medellin.

Later in the evening Mr. Medellin explained to the Judge and to Mr. Weems that not all bloggers are this obnoxious.

Here is the web home for Judge Hinojosa’s reelection campaign.

A Vietnam veteran with extensive legal experience, Judge Hinojosa merits return to the Harris County bench.

Here is the web home for Mr. Weems.

Mr. Weems is easily the most knowledgeable and able candidate for Railroad Commissioner in 2010.

Here Mr. Medellin’s blog Dos Centavos.

You should read Dos Centavos each day.

This picture was taken by Houston blogger David Jennings of Big Jolly Politics.

Mr. Jennings is a Republican. He and I spoke for a few minutes last night. I’d like to tell you that Mr. Jennings went on an angry rant about the United Nations and called for Texas to leave the union.

However, regretfully, Mr. Jennings was kind and was, even if mistaken in my view, well-reasoned in his viewpoints.

All people of all viewpoints were welcome at the Vote Houston Kick Off and are welcome to join Vote Houston.

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