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Here Is What Will Anchor Me

What will anchor me in the days ahead?

My relationships with my wife and friends will anchor me.

My political views, firmly on the left, will anchor me.

All people matter. Just like it says at the top of this blog.

The fact that the things we need to be hopeful and creative are all around us will anchor me.

I believe that, with effort, what we need to be optimistic and imaginative  are accessible to the average person.

This could be a park to enjoy, a free blog service that helps you communicate, or a library full of books and information.

Your own knowledge and a little time to think and collect your thoughts is the best source of hope and creativity.

These are some of the things that will anchor me in the days ahead.

You’ll have your own list.

The anchor in the picture can be found at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma.

When in Tacoma, this is a good place to visit. And when you are in Seattle, you should make the time to visit Tacoma.

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