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Republican Texas State Senator Brian Birdwell Appears To Have Voted Twice In Same Election—Photo Of Glass House

Texas Republican State Senator Brian Birdwell from the Waco area apparently cast two votes in the 2004 Presidential election.

It is also not clear if Mr. Birdwell meets the residency requirements to serve in the Texas legislature.

Here is the story from the Texas Tribune.

From the story—

The newest member of the Texas Senate and Waco’s newest representative to that body, Granbury Republican Brian Birdwell, voted in the November 2004 presidential election twice — an apparent violation of law — making his choice between George W. Bush and John Kerry in Tarrant County in Texas and again in Prince William County, Va., according to election records in the two states.

The Tribune report also says Mr. Birdwell voted in Virginia in 2006. If this is the case, then Mr. Birdwell could not have lived in Texas long enough to be eligible to serve in the legislature. You have to live in Texas for five years to be able to serve in the legislature.

Republicans in Texas go on and on about voter fraud. They say that unless we pass a so-called Voter ID bill that we’ll overwhelmed with illegals and fraudsters casting ballots to elect Democrats.

Republicans go on about this alleged voter fraud despite the fact that hardly any cases of voter fraud can be found in Texas.

Above you see a photo of a glass house. (Photo taken by Staib. The Glass House was designed by Phillip Johnson and is located in New Canaan Connecticut.)

The Texas Republicans who live in the Glass House must have been out collecting Green Party ballot access signatures when this picture was taken.

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  1. Brian Birdwell is one of the most honorable men I have ever met in more than two decades of political involvement. There is NO WAY that this man voted twice in the same election, I don’t care what anybody says.

    The Tarrant County Elections Department says that he voted in the 2004 presidential election. But that is not proof that he did so.

    When somebody votes on Election Day, he signs a “Voter Poll” (also known as a “Sign In Sheet”), the election clerk makes a notation next to the voter’s name in the poll list, and after the election is over an employee of the Elections Department goes through the poll list and updates the voter history in the computer for every person who the election clerks say voted in that election.

    But if the election clerk at the polling place accidentally marked Birdwell as having voted instead of his neighbor on the poll list, or if the Elections Department employee mistakenly updated Birdwell’s voter history instead of somebody else’s, that would explain how Birdwell was shown to have voted in that election when he did not do so.

    The fact that Mr. Birdwell’s brother, who has a similar name, claims that he DID vote in that election but is shown by the Elections Department as NOT having voted is strong circumstantial evidence that human error on the part of some elections official caused this misunderstanding.

    Birdwell does not have the ability to prove his innocence because the sign-in sheets appear to have been destroyed already, legally. But in this country, it is not Birdwell who has to prove ANYTHING, it’s his accusers. They have proven NOTHING.

    Comment by Pete Wrench | July 30, 2010

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