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Unfairly Fired Shirley Sherrod Says The Real Issue Is Class

I read a story in the July 22 USA Today about unfairly fired U.S Agriculture Department employee Shirley Sherrod.

This is the woman fired because a right-wing blogger took comments she made about issues of race out of context.

I often do read USA Today. I’ve been gettiing the paper of late delivered at the door of my hotel room in Seattle. I’m in that hotel room right now writing this blog post.

In the USA Today article, Ms. Sherrod says that the real issue is not about race but “about the poor vs. those that have.”

Damn right. I could not agree more. I wish some of our fellow working people could see the facts as clearly as does Ms. Sherrod.

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  1. Are the journalists who got the story wrong really so much different than the blogger whom they decried as not a real journalist? I think the lines blurring in this age of the internet.

    See: http://euandus3.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/1005/

    Comment by The Worden Report | July 23, 2010

  2. I asgree with Shirley. As a retired teacher I saw poverty all the time. Most of the time the parents worked, but just could not get ahead, because salaries, did not match the cost of living. Many did not know how to cook good healthy food instead of prepared/boxed food. Which are high in fat/everything else.At one time, our church with our Social Justice group, went into homes, invited and worked with mothers, on food samps, and taught how to budget the weeks, and prepare good food. It did well.

    Comment by phyllis | July 26, 2010

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