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Five More U.S. Troops Dead In Afghanistan—Our Feelings About The War Seem Depend On Our Personal Politics

Five more U.S. troops have died in Afghanistan.

The yellow ribbons here at home have for the most part long been off  the SUVS, giant pick-ups and cars.

Maybe many of these folks are now concerned that socialists have taken over our government. Maybe they think that the fad of supporting our troops is not as fun when it is a Democrat giving the orders from the White House.

Our friends on the left are quiet now that we have a Democratic President. Don’t you think the left would be all over George W. Bush or John McCain if one of these men were President as the fighting in Afghanistan goes on and on?

Remember when the liberal advocacy group Move On asked if General David Petraeus should be called “General Betray Us?”

Move On was asking, in essence, if General Petraeus was disloyal in some fashion. Yet today when you go to the Move On homepage there is no mention of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as issues the group is focusing on at the moment. There is no discussion of President Obama’s recent promotion of General Petraeus to lead both our ongoing wars.

Was Move On wrong about General Petraeus back then, or they holding back now because Barack Obama is President?

Maybe it was all an act to start with on all sides of the debate.

In any case, our troops are still fighting and dying in Afghanistan while we go about our daily affairs.

This war is also causing civilian deaths in Afghanistan.

All people matter.

We have no draft in this country. The wealthy don’t go and fight. Our concern for the troops seems based in some degree on our politics.

Americans need to recall each day that we have service men and women fighting our wars while we over eat, drive like crazy people, and don’t bother to vote in most elections.

We need to hold President Obama to the same standards in Iraq and Afghanistan that we insisted upon from President Bush.

We need either clear progress towards a successful conclusion or we need to get out.

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