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I’m Glad The Green Party Will Be On The 2010 Texas Ballot

The Green Party of Texas will be allowed to remain on the 2010 Texas statewide ballot.

(Above–Sometimes Democrats want every voice to count. But other times they do not.)

This despite the fact that Republican operatives funded the petition drive to get the Greens on the ballot.

It is true that taking Republican money would appear to be in contradiction to Green beliefs.

On the other hand, it is difficult to come up with the money for a statewide petition drive in Texas to gain ballot access.

Statewide ballot access in Texas in 2010 required about 44,000 valid signatures. And as anybody who has ever gathered signatures can tell you, many signatures are for various reasons not going to be accepted.  You always have to turn in many more signatures than required to be certain you’ll make the ballot.

If any Green candidate in Texas gets 5% on November ballot, Greens will get automatic ballot access for 2012 in Texas.

Because there is a Green candidate in a statewide race this year in Texas where no Democrat is running, this 5% goal may well be reached.

Republicans and Democrats collude across the country to deny ballot access to third parties. Only when it serves the interests of one of the mainstream parties is an exception made to this unspoken pact.

Republicans and Democrats across the country are drowning in corporate money.

In a recent Pennsylvania case,  Democrats sought big money damages from Greens as part of a contested ballot access fight.

The State Democratic in Texas plans to go after money damages as well. (It is at the bottom of the story linked to here.)

What is the point of this but harassment?

Our ballot is not the property of the two mainstream parties. While I will vote for many Texas Democrats in 2010, I will also likely vote for at least one Green candidate as well to help Greens gain ballot access for 2012 and to help Greens build a party structure for the challenges ahead.

Here is what Democrats could do—They could win a statewide election for once. The Green party is not why no Democrat has won a statewide election in at least the 12 years I’ve lived in Texas. The 2006 Democratic nominee for Governor—a man named Chris Bell—could not even muster 30% of the vote.

Here is the blog Ballot Access News.

Here is the blog Green Party Watch.

Here is the Green Party of Texas.

Here is the Green Party of Harris County, Texas.

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Houston City Controller Ronald Green Does Not Tell The Full Story—When Will Democrats, Progressives & Liberals Ask More Of Houston Elected Democrats?

Houston City Controller Ronald Green, a Democrat, has written that Houston is on the economic rebound.

In the Houston Chronicle of Sunday July 4, Mr. Green, a former three-term member of Houston City Council, said that Houston is coming back from the recession. If you read the article I link to here, you’ll see that Mr. Green points out many statistics that he suggests show that Houston is moving ahead.

Here is some of what Mr. Green says—

“The metropolitan statistical area that encompasses Houston is showing some remarkable stability. Over the last decade, our population grew by 24 percent, a rate five times that of New York, Boston or San Francisco. We have attracted nearly one-quarter of a million new residents from other U.S. cities and towns. While the current downturn has cost us approximately 100,000 jobs, over the past decade we have added more than quarter of a million jobs – twice the number of Los Angeles or Boston and nearly three times that of New York. Numerous cities have lost jobs in the decade. For three months now, there has been a small but positive employment rate increase in Houston. Our college-educated workforce has grown by 13 percent in the past decade.”

That’s all great. Progress does occur in Houston and people do benefit from this progress.

There is, however, another side of Houston Mr. Green does not mention in his article.

We have a child poverty rate in Houston that approaches 50%.

Houston’s social service agencies can’t meet the needs of people in our city.

If good news can be discussed by our city leaders, then we need to hear the full picture.

If our elected Democrats will not address these concerns, what public officials will take up the needs of the many hard-working people in Houston who could use some help?

When will Democrats, progressives and liberals in Houston ask more of our elected Democrats?

If you do not ask for anything better, then you will not get anything better.

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