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Last Day Of Holiday Weekend—Treat People Well

Above you see what looks like a country road, but that is in fact a road in the city limits of Cincinnati, Ohio. It is just a few miles from Downtown.

It is a road not far from the Ohio River. I took a ride on this street a few days ago.

Today, the Fifth of July, is the last day of the holiday weekend. The regular workweek routine is not far away.

However, just because the routine bustle is nearby, does not mean that you can’t take a break.

Read a book. Take a walk. Be with others. Be by yourself.

If you go out to eat or use any service that requires a tip, please tip well for a person who is working a holiday.

Be decent to your fellow working people. Take the extra time you may have off to reflect on the person you want to be, instead of dwelling on the things that make you resentful.

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