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Government Programs Provide Lasting Works

Here is a picture of a 70 year old retaining wall in Cincinnati’s Fairview Park. As you can see, the wall was built by FDR’s Works Progress Administration.

Sarah Palin can’t serve a full term as Governor, but the works of the New Deal last for years and years.

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  1. Dude.

    FDR was a liberal who knew what he was doing. President Obama doesn’t have a clue. By the end of 1935, 4 1/2 million men and women were in WPA and CCC work camps doing valuable, long lasting work for the country. Porkulus turned into this huge payoff for Democratic interest groups and helped fill the coffers (however temporarily) of state tresuries.

    That’s why you don’t see a dramatic impact on employment. Roosevelt was a LEADER. The last thing he would have done is to have handed the New Deal over to the likes of Pelosi and Reid and let them write it up. FDR took the New Deal into his hands and asked the American people to judge him on the results.

    There was a reason he was reelected in 1936 in the greatest landslide in American history.

    Obama does not lead. That is the difference. You can believe he does, but he does not. FDR did, and was able to pivot the New Deal into war production starting in 1937. Oh, the New Deal started to come unglued because of the New Dealer’s attachment to Price Controls, but it was enough of a success to be an enduring credit to FDR.

    Obama’s Recovery Act? That’s just a joke. Every time Obama says that so many jobs were “saved or created”, the average American gets the impression that the President is trying to sell him something.

    FDR never would have done that, because the old Dutch aristocrat would have seen through the phoniness of it himself. The fact that Obama doesn’t, and continues to peddle such nonsense even though everyone sees that it’s a huge con highlights the differences between the two men.

    Comment by section9 | July 2, 2010

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