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For Holiday Weekend, Please Slow Down And Be Careful On All The Highways Of Life

It is been very sunny in Cincinnati this week as I have been visiting. The picture in the post is of Cincinnati from one of the many hillside parks I’m Cincinnati.

It has been raining all week on my friends in Texas as Hurricane Alex hit Mexico.

No matter where you are in the nation this holiday weekend, I ask you to please slow down and be careful on all the highways of life.

Our roads can be dangerous and life is short.

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There Is No Oil This Fourth Of July Weekend In Galveston Or On The Texas Coast

There is no oil in Galveston or anywhere on the Texas Gulf Coast this Fourth of July Weekend.

I’m not saying this to discourage you from going to any other Gulf Coast beach. They don’t all have oil. I’m just saying that Galveston has no oil.

I’m a big fan of Galveston. There is a lot of history in Galveston and the people there are glad you have come to visit.

Be sure to tell the folks on the Texas coast that a Texas Liberal sent you.

The picture in this post is of Lake Michigan at Kenosha, Wisconsin. I was there last summer. Kenosha is worth a visit as well.

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Government Programs Provide Lasting Works

Here is a picture of a 70 year old retaining wall in Cincinnati’s Fairview Park. As you can see, the wall was built by FDR’s Works Progress Administration.

Sarah Palin can’t serve a full term as Governor, but the works of the New Deal last for years and years.

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