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King Phillip IV & Queen Mariana On New York’s 72nd Street—Latest From Texas Liberal New York City Desk

(Blogger’s Note—This is the latest offering from Texas Liberal New York City correspondent Lyuba Halkyn.  Ms. Halkyn wrote the post and took the pictures. I added the links.)

Two large, bronze sculptures of female abstracts seemed to appear overnight in my neighborhood several weeks ago.  These sculptures fit right into the landscape at the entrance of the subway at 72nd Street.  This is the subway that I frequently use.  It is a wonderful convenience to have a subway stop right outside my front door.  Now to enhance my daily mass transit experience, a Spanish, contemporary artist, by the name of Manolo Valdés, will be displaying his work throughout the Upper West Side neighborhoods of Manhattan from May 20, 2010- January 23, 2011.

These sculptures that are at the south entrance of 72nd Street, are two out of six large ladies called Reina Mariana and depict Queen Mariana as immortalized by the artist Diego Velázquez. Velázquez was Spain’s greatest baroque artist in the 17th century.  He became King Phillip IV’s official painter.  One of his greatest masterpieces was Las Meninas painted in 1656.  This painting depicted the daughter of King Phillip IV and Queen Mariana.  If you are not familiar with this painting, it is most definitely worth checking out.

I was not familiar with the background of either of these artists but found myself digging deeper into the history of these sculptures and finding out more about its influences.  I also found the connection between a modern day artist/sculptor, Valdés, and a baroque, 17th century artist, Velázquez intriguing enough to mention.

Living in a vibrant city, such as New York, free art pops up everywhere.  It’s even better when it pops up right outside my front door.

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Can Bill White Beat Rick Perry?—Four Reasons Bill White Will Win in November

Can Bill White defeat Governor Rick Perry to become the next Governor of Texas?


Here are four reasons why—

1. The latest poll shows that Mr. White, the Democratic nominee, and Mr. Perry are tied at 43% each here in Republican Texas. Mr. White is doing more than hoping to play catch-up. He is running even.

2. Many Republicans intend to vote for Mr. White. Governor Perry is having a difficult time holding his base.

From the Houston Chronicle—

“Wales Madden Jr., an Amarillo attorney and civic leader, cast his first Republican vote in 1948, for almost-President Thomas E. Dewey. Although he admits to voting for Democrats in the 1950s and 1960s, when Texas Republicans were a rare breed, he has voted almost exclusively GOP since Democrat-turned-Republican John Connally asked him to be the statewide party chairman for his presidential bid in 1976. When his candidate for governor, U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, fell to Gov. Rick Perry, he switched his support to Democrat Bill White.”

3. In an anti-incumbent election season, Rick Perry is the longest serving Governor in the history of Texas.

4. Governor Perry’s extreme right-wing positions, such as talking abut Texas leaving the union and refusing federal funds to help improve Texas education, are alienating potential Perry supporters.

These are just some of the reasons that former Houston Mayor White can and will win in November.

Here is the Bill White campaign web home.

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