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Now That Insubordinate McChrystal Is Gone, Liberals & Progressives Must Insist Obama Show Progress In Afghanistan Just Like They Would Have Demanded Of Bush

General Stanley McChrystal has been fired from his command in Afghanistan.

Given that General McChrystal could not discipline himself and those closest to him, how could he trusted to lead others?

Now that President Obama has moved forward in this respect, it is time for liberals and progressives to insist upon the same standards in Afghanistan that they would have demanded of George W. Bush.

We need to have progress or we need to get out.

Lives are on the line regardless of the political party of the President at a given moment.

And if liberals don’t have high standards—who will?

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  1. Obama is too tied up in all this. He thought he could make a difference and once in he has learned he is just a man in the machinery and no one man or woman can change this country. until people get progressives on ballots and vote them in we are all fkd. The corporate money and power is too much to overcome for any one person.

    People need to walk more, use less oil, consume less and most of all we need people to run for these offices that are decent and actually want to serve the public.

    Comment by Bill Brady | June 26, 2010

  2. I totally agree with Bill Brady’s comment. The key words may well be “Decent people who want to serve the public”. Those are too few, everywhere in the world.

    Comment by isathreadsoflife | July 1, 2010

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