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I Wish People Cared As Much About The Troops In Afghanistan As Much As They Appear To Care About Pelicans

I wish we cared about our soldiers in Afghanistan as much as we seem to care about pelicans.

Our soldiers are over there in that stalemated war and they seem to be forgotten.

As silly as all those yellow ribbons from a few years ago were in many respects, are the folks who once stuck them on their gas guzzlers not prepared to back Barack Obama as commander-in-chief?

As the Afghanistan War drags on, where are the anti-war efforts from the left? Was the issue for the left a few years ago dislike of George W. Bush instead of questions of peace instead of war?

I don’t think most people care one way or another about our war in Afghanistan or about the troops fighting that war.

All life is important, but we seem confused sometimes on what matters most.

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