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Oil Booms In Houston Meant To Prevent Seepage Of Nature Into Our Productive Polluted Waterways

Here is a picture I took last week of Buffalo Bayou here in Houston.

You see that there is one those orange containment booms like those being used to protect the Gulf of Mexico coast from oil from the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill.

Things are a little different in here in Houston.

That boom is in fact intended to prevent any infectious nature—like those alien trees in the picture— from seeping into the Bayou or into any other of our economically-productive polluted waterways.

We don’t want the balance of things upset here in Houston.

Also, did you know that you purchase oil booms for your own use?

You sure can.

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Sometimes People Hold On To Things For A Bit Long

Here is a picture I took in Newport, Kentucky last February of people who were give up on Santa Claus. Christmas had been over for about two months when I took this picture.

I meant to run this picture  months ago, but have only gotten to it now after we are deep into spring.

Is Santa still  up at this home? I’ll be in Newport again in a few weeks and maybe I will check and see.

Or maybe I will not.

In any case, people sometimes hold on to things much longer than they should.

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