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Your Ship May Never Arrive—Yet You May Find Another Way To Get Where You Are Going

Above you see a picture I took last week at Tony Marron Park here in Houston. Tony Marron Park is a great place to take your kids, to take a walk or to play soccer

Tony Marron Park is located along the shores of Buffalo Bayou.

You see in the picture above that there is a place in the park and along the bayou where you can moor your boat. There was once commercial traffic on the Bayou that extended all the way to Downtown Houston—Yet this is no longer the case.

It has been many years since there was regular boat traffic on this segment of Buffalo Bayou.

Sometimes you wait for your ship to arrive, but it never does.

The good news is that I drove to this park in my car, and I was able to drive away to get back home. I did not require a ship.

You ship may never arrive, yet you may find another way to get where you are going.

Or, knowing your ship will not arrive, you have the option of picking another destination.

There are many paths and many options to the goals you seek in life.

Here is a post where I say that life is like a harbor where ships come and go.

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