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The Practice Of Yoga In Hectic New York City—From The Texas Liberal N.Y.C. Desk

Here is the latest report from Texas Liberal New York City Correspondent Lyuba Halkyn. In this post, Ms. Halkyn write about practicing yoga in New York City. I don’t know anything about yoga. However, if Ms. Halkyn’s post makes you think yoga would be a good idea for you, maybe you should consider looking into the matter. I’m certain we all need a way to slow down. Living at a pace where we can manage our lives helps us be more thoughtful, creative and decent people.

(Above–The view of New York from Ms. Halkyn’s apartment. Both pictures in this post were taken by Ms. Halkyn.)

From Ms. Halkyn–

I often attend my favorite yoga class, which meets twice a week on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  It is my favorite class because of the teacher who continues to inspire week after week.  Another reason that I prefer this class is because many of the same students consistently attend.  I have found attending class more beneficial than following along at home to the many yoga DVDs that I have purchased throughout the years.  The connection that is felt by coming to class is different than popping in a DVD at home.  Having a daily practice at home and being able to attend class would be ideal.

If you have never tried yoga, it could be confusing to figure out what kind of yoga or where to take your first class.  I found that staying in a basic Hatha class has allowed me to progress further.  I have taken more vigorous classes as well and may take advanced classes from time to time.  Some yoga instructors may teach one class at different levels by giving options to students that may be more advanced or new to yoga.

Yoga focuses on breathing and stretching.  I have been told that when you do this type of yogic breathing, you release toxins that would otherwise store in your body.  Yoga also includes a variety of postures and poses that you will become familiar with the more you do yoga.  Some yoga postures massage your internal organs.  Inversions are yogic poses that can reverse the effect that gravity has on our bodies, in essence keeping us looking younger.  Because we are on our feet much of the day, an inversion can help release tension in our legs.  A simple, yet very effective example of this would be lying on the floor with your feet up against the wall.

Throughout the last ten years, I have taken classes with many instructors, at many different studios here in Manhattan.  Keeping an open mind, while studio hopping, eventually helped me find a consistent practice.

My most difficult challenge, in my yoga practice throughout the years, has been consistency.  Weeks or months would go by and I would not have attended class.  A suggestion that was given to me, however basic it may sound, was to write it down in my planner as if I had an appointment.  This suggestion worked and I have been going to several classes consistently for the past two years.

We normally begin and end class by chanting Om.  Om is the oldest and most sacred sound in yoga.  Om creates an inner vibration and can be very calming.  My yoga teacher talks extensively about Om and other yogic principles.  She relates these things to everyday life.

Yoga is an activity that can combat stress and fatigue.  It has also been known to slow the effects of some diseases.

I have been able to incorporate yoga, a very peaceful activity, into my sometimes busy, hectic NYC lifestyle.

(Below–The Om symbol. Here is some basic information about yoga from the American Yoga Association.)

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