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There Is No Oil Or Any Tarballs In Galveston—Tourism Officials Have An Obligation To Be Candid

As I write this on the evening of Friday, May 14, there is no oil or any tarballs on the beaches of Galveston Island or at any Texas beaches that I am aware of.

Here is what the Galveston tourism folks have to say about this matter.

( Above–A ship in Galveston Bay. I took this picture from the Bolivar Ferry.)

I like Galveston and I often drive 50 miles south to Galveston to take a walk on the beach and have lunch.

Rick’s Blog, writing in the Pensacola, Florida area, has concerns that his community is not telling the full story on the oil spill.

Rick is correct to express this view. People will often say whatever is needed to make sure that business does not drop off.

If any oil or tarballs do come to come to Galveston or to other Texas beaches, I will post on the issue.

In the meantime, people should come to Galveston and enjoy the ocean and the history  to be found in Galveston.

Yet also, tourism officials in Galveston and at all points on the Gulf have the obligation to be candid about any oil or tarballs that may appear.

Here is information about visiting Pensacola.

The Gulf of Mexico Foundation advocates for the Gulf.

Here are some basic facts about the Gulf of Mexico.

Here is my post of facts about the spill.

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