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White Working Class And Middle Class Right To Be Frustrated, As Are All Working People, But If You Try To Address Issues You Might Get Called A Socialist By Some

I read a few days ago that white working class and middle class voters are deserting the Democratic Party for 2010 and may vote strongly Republican in the upcoming midterm elections.

(Though in some polls, more people plan on voting for Democrats this year than plan on voting for Republicans.)

I can’t recall where I read this and it does not matter. I suspect you’ll read the same point many times between now and November.

White working class folks are right in that they are being screwed in many ways and that bailouts for banks and big financial institutions are helping the already wealthy. Working people of all races would be right to feel this way. The fates of all working people are connected.

And yet, when you try to give some of these folks health insurance, or if you propose a large government federal jobs program, many of these same people would call you a socialist.

As an example, the new health care law helps working and middle class people of all races, yet many whites who fall into these classes often refuse to believe that they will benefit.

Do these hard working people think the private sector is going to treat them fairly?

It is worthwhile to discuss who may be getting unfair special treatment from the government in the form of bailouts.

It might be also be so that without the bailouts, as odious as they’ve been, we might be in a depression today. A depression for the poor and working class even more severe than the one we are already experiencing.

At heart, People need to decide if the focus of their lives is going to be progress or resentment.

Here is an article from the liberal magazine American Prospect about the urgency of massive federal help to create more jobs in America.

If people are going to be resentful and blame their problems on immigrants and whoever else—I’m not sure what I can say.

If people are going to move ahead and care about each other, then we will make progress.

Working people need to fight together as allies.

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  1. White working-class folks have only themselves to blame for getting screwed by this system. They make up the majority of this country and have consistently supported the economic system that has led America to this point of absolute corporate control. Without their complicity, we would not now be in this mess. And by the way, I’m white too.

    Comment by txwordpounder | May 11, 2010

  2. White people have ran and controlled this country and have ran it into the ground. It started to go down hill with Reagan and have gotten worse every year. If Stupid white people want to go back to the party of NO they will seal the death of the middle class once and for all.

    Comment by Bill Brady | May 12, 2010

  3. It’s not that surprising. White working class people have been voting against their better economic interests over the course of the entire history of this country. Racial resentment has been the key in getting white working class people to vote for politicians and policies that benefit the affluent, under the guise that either one day they too will be the affluent benefactors and to prevent the “other people” (otherwise known as people of color) from receiving benefits.

    Comment by Teddy | May 14, 2010

  4. I feel all these comments have merit.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | May 15, 2010

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