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A Self-Governing Coalition Involving Hard Work And Creativity Is Needed When Faced With The Hung Parliament Of Life

As I write this post, there is still a hung parliament in the United Kingdom.  This term means that no party or coalition of parties has a majority of seats in the House of Commons and no government can be formed.

( Above–The House of Commons in London.)

Since day-to-day life and the news of the day often offers metaphoric lessons, it is worthwhile to consider what one should do when facing the hung parliament of life.

When facing the hung parliament of life, we should endeavor  to form a self-governing coalition of hard work, personal beliefs, creativity, and strong relationships so that we can move ahead.

We should look for the coalition of things that work, both pragmatic and imaginative, that will enable us to do the things in life that we hope to accomplish.

We are able to rustle up the votes needed for success and accomplishment more often than we realize.

Here is an earlier post on finding the votes of hope to break the filibuster of anger and ignorance.

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