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Some Thoughts About The British Election

In the British election yesterday, the opposition Conservative party gained many seats, but did not win a majority of seats. Negotiations are ongoing as the two leading parties, the Conservatives and Labor, hope to be able to form a government.

Conservatives took 306 of the 650 seats. Labor won 258 and the Liberal Democrats won 57. A collection of smaller parties won a total of 28 seats. 326 seats is a majority in the British House.

Here is the good and the bad of this election—

The Good—

1. Parties of the center-left won about 54% of the total votes.

2. Combined, the left-of-center Labor party and Liberal Democratic party won about 10 more seats than did the Conservatives.

3. Conservatives failed to win a majority of seats for a fourth consecutive election.

4. A Green won a seat in the U.K. parliament for the first time.

5. Far-right anti-immigrant parties did not post strong gains and did not win a single seat.

The Bad—

1. Conservatives won 60 more seats than any other single party.

2. Conservatives won the largest number of votes.

3. Left-of -center parties lost about 100 seats.

Bottom line–

Nothing is certain at the moment. All three major parties fell short of what they hoped to accomplish on Election Day. A coalition government is rare in the U.K., yet this seems what is going to happen.

Here is my pre-election post explaining what is taking place in the U.K.

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  1. To add to the bad: an electoral system that doesn’t require ID, and that allows non-registered citizens and foreigners who aren’t eligible to vote. And worst of all: no public holiday to do it all on!

    Comment by thirdworldgoesforth | May 9, 2010

  2. I’d like a holiday for Election Day here in the U.S.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | May 15, 2010

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