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Every Drive I Take Is A Freedom Ride With My Martin Luther King License Plate

Every time I drive my car, I am taking a freedom ride.

This is because I have my Martin Luther King license plate in the front windshield of my car.

I bought this excellent item in Atlanta 15 years ago when I drove to that city to see the home where Rev. King lived, and to see the other sites connected to Martin Luther King.

The license plate says—“In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. The spirit of freedom, justice and human dignity.”

Every day is the right day to live the values of Martin Luther King. These every day values can be expressed in the great and strong words Dr. King used. Or they can be expressed in a front windshield.

You see that in this picture the sun is shining on this message of hope and freedom.

Please click here for my Martin Luther King Reading & Reference List. This is the best such list on the web.

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Some Thoughts About The British Election

In the British election yesterday, the opposition Conservative party gained many seats, but did not win a majority of seats. Negotiations are ongoing as the two leading parties, the Conservatives and Labor, hope to be able to form a government.

Conservatives took 306 of the 650 seats. Labor won 258 and the Liberal Democrats won 57. A collection of smaller parties won a total of 28 seats. 326 seats is a majority in the British House.

Here is the good and the bad of this election—

The Good—

1. Parties of the center-left won about 54% of the total votes.

2. Combined, the left-of-center Labor party and Liberal Democratic party won about 10 more seats than did the Conservatives.

3. Conservatives failed to win a majority of seats for a fourth consecutive election.

4. A Green won a seat in the U.K. parliament for the first time.

5. Far-right anti-immigrant parties did not post strong gains and did not win a single seat.

The Bad—

1. Conservatives won 60 more seats than any other single party.

2. Conservatives won the largest number of votes.

3. Left-of -center parties lost about 100 seats.

Bottom line–

Nothing is certain at the moment. All three major parties fell short of what they hoped to accomplish on Election Day. A coalition government is rare in the U.K., yet this seems what is going to happen.

Here is my pre-election post explaining what is taking place in the U.K.

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