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U.S. Rep. John Culberson Sends Taxpayer-Funded Mail That Ignores The Views Of The People—Dancing Duck-Chicken

Above you see a taxpayer-funded mailer I got from my terrible Congressman John Culberson.

Mr. Culberson “represents” the 7th district of Texas here in Houston.

I know that what you see in the picture looks like a campaign mailing.

Yet it says on this piece of mail that it is “official business” and that it was “prepared, published, and mailed at taxpayer expense.”

This junk mail is about criticizing President Obama.  There is nothing else here other than criticism of the President.

Rep. Culberson said the stimulus package was a Trojan Horse to make America more like France, yet at the same time he is big time  in requesting earmark funds for his district.

At no point in this mailing does Mr. Culberson ask for the the views of people in his district. At no point does Mr. Culberson give an address where one can solicit constituent services.

This is how Mr. Culberson spends our taxpayer dollars.

He gives his views, but does not ask our views.

Mr. Culberson does not care what you and I think.

Why would anybody listen to Mr. Culberson on any matter?

In the picture above you see my duck-chicken—That dances the Chicken Dance when you press down on the left-wing—reading Mr. Culberson’s mail.

He is reading it so that you do not have to do so.

Please click here to see my video of reading St. Francis of Assisi with the help of the duck-chicken.

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