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I’m Happy To Pay WordPress Some Money

A few minutes ago, I paid WordPress, the service that hosts this blog, $59.97 so that I can continue to post videos that I make onto the blog.

I’m not fully sure what exactly it was I was buying, but it seems to be required to be able to post videos.

Here is my latest video.

$59.97 a year is getting off cheap when it comes to the service WordPress provides.

WordPress allows people to have a basic blog for free. They offer a number of different templates for you to write your blog. You just can’t beat what WordPress does for folks.

When I’ve had technical questions, the WordPress staff has been quick to reply, polite, and helpful.

WordPress is great. I’m happy to give them some money, and I’d strongly recommend WordPress if you re thinking of starting your own blog.

People think that stuff should be free just because it is on the web.  If a business can make a go of it by not charging anything–Then good for them. But the fact is that employees of a business need paychecks and benefits.

I’m glad to pay up for WordPress. I would pay a monthly fee or some other type of charge if that is what would be required to help WordPress keep going.


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  1. world press does a hell of a job and i am glad you and world press are here. Sorry i have been such a stranger.

    Comment by Bill Brady | May 9, 2010

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