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Ukraine Parliament Fight—Reasons Behind The Fight

Above is a picture of the fight in the Ukrainian parliament yesterday.

These folks were hitting each other and hurling eggs and smoke bombs in the parliament chamber.

What were they fighting over?

They were fighting over the future of a Russian naval base in Ukraine. The debate was over an extension of the lease that allows the base to remain in Ukraine.

In exchange for use of the base, Russia is cutting the price of natural gas it exports to Ukraine.

Here is a useful story from The Montreal Gazette explaining the dispute.

Would you want a naval base from another nation in your country?  Especially a naval base belonging to very large, powerful and often unpleasant neighbor.

While the fight is the of kind entertainment I want with my democracy, the history between Russia and Ukraine is not so funny.

Here is a 2009 Time magazine article about the intertwined history of Russia and Ukraine.

This connected history directly relates to the Russian concern that Ukraine will fall into the orbit of the west and away from the influence of Russia.

Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union before the U.S.S.R  broke apart.

Here is an overview of Ukraine from the BBC.

From this overview—

“A significant minority of the population of Ukraine are Russians or use Russian as their first language. Russian influence is particularly strong in the industrialised east, as well as in Crimea, an autonomous republic on the Black Sea which was part of Russia until 1954. The Russian Black Sea Fleet is based there.”

You see right there that a situation like that is trouble waiting to happen.

Here is a history of Ukraine.

While the fight in the Ukraine parliament is silly, the tensions behind the fight divide Ukraine society right down the middle.

In addition, many nations that border Russia face the same type of issues over to what extent Russian influence should be permitted, and concern over what Russia will do if ignored.

(Below–The Black Sea in Ukraine. Looks nice. Here are facts about the Black Sea.)

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Keys To A Successful Marriage

I’m glad to report that I’ve been married for ten successful years.

Above is a picture I took of my wife at the baseball game.

The keys to our successful marriage are found in this picture.

Here are these keys—

1. We always keep one seat between us.

2. We never look at each other.

3. In order to avoid conversation, we always have something to read.

Beyond a measure of distance, I think a marriage works when people are themselves—assuming they are not jerks by nature—and when people work hard to be nice to each other.

These things and a measure of good luck.

This is what I have to offer on this subject.

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