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Texas Liberal Now Has New York City Correspondent

I’m glad to announce that Texas Liberal now has a New York City correspondent.  My friend Lyuba Halkyn will post on the blog at least every two weeks. Lyuba is pictured above. I’m very glad to have Lyuba on-board. I’ve long wanted to report that Texas Liberal had a correspondent somewhere in thee world. Below is Lyuba’s introductory post. I’ve put in bold to indicate how glad I am to have now a far-flung network of bloggers at Texas Liberal—

When I first moved to New York City from the Midwest in 1998, I was told that after living in the City for ten years, one acquires official New Yorker status.  So that means that I have been official for about two years.  I still love the lifestyle that NYC provides.  It can be a love-hate relationship at times.

It is a city in which you practically have to give a DNA sample in order to get approved for a rental lease.  What New Yorkers go through, in order to legally be on a lease, is what people in other cities go through to purchase dwellings.  Not to mention, if you would like to purchase a humble abode on this island of Manhattan, you should probably plan on selling your first-born.

Once you have found a place to live, you really can never get lonely in this city, literally people everywhere. Free entertainment is one of the perks of living in the City.  Some of the places that you can find worthwhile entertainment is on subways and subway platforms, certain street blocks, and especially underground walkways that connect all of the subways (some of the best).  The variety of entertainment ranges from symphony worthy string performers, a mariachi band, to blues band.  In a busy NYC life, it is easy to take such entertainment for granted.  Knowing it’s there is a comfort.

Having Central Park for a back yard is pretty cool too.

‘Being a New Yorker’ as my official title, I would like to introduce myself as a jetsettin’, New York livin’, first generation from Ukrainian parents, thirty-something, dog & people lovin’, female (and then some) who will be your NYC correspondent.

Victory for our doormen and apartment workers, whose Union was able to negotiate a four-year contract with a ten percent wage increase and no givebacks in benefits while avoiding a strike.  Yahoo!

(Below–Manhattan in the early 1930’s)

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If Socialism Is The Way We Are Headed, Where Are The Socialist Marches And Candidates?

I keep hearing that the nation is moving towards socialism, yet I have not seen one socialist rally or heard of a socialist radio program.

While I imagine that there are socialist candidates for office in the United States, I am not aware of any.

We do, I’m glad to say, have one avowed Socialist in the United States Senate—Bernie Sanders of Vermont refers to himself as a Socialist. I wish we had more Socialist elected officials.

There was a time when Americans were open to Socialism. In 1912, Socialist Eugene Debs won 6% of the overall vote for President. There were Socialist parties in states across the union.

The 1912 Socialist platform had planks such a minimum wage and an income tax.

The Nation Magazine ran an article last year about ideas of Socialism in the United States today.

There is nothing that says Socialism can’t again become a force in the United States.

Just as I feel we should be open to the Green Party as on option when Democrats fail the American people, Socialism and the ideas of Socialism can be part of the agenda on the left.

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