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Texas Funnel Cakes Sold With U.S. Flag—Houston International Fest

You see that the sign above, from a booth at the annual International Fest in Houston, offers “Texas Funnel Cakes And More” while still using the United States flag.

There is no Texas flag or Confederate flag being used to sell the food despite the talk of secession and  treason from far right-wing people like our Texas Governor Rick Perry or extreme Texas Congressperson Ron Paul.

It seems that peddlers of fajitas and tortas may be better and more loyal Americans than some of our leading Republican elected officials in Texas.

I’m sorry that many on the right don’t seem to love our nation anymore.

In any case, you can sell stuff to Texans without being a right-wing crazy.

Liberals love the U.S flag and our federal union. The new health care reform bill, which will benefit millions of Americans, is a fitting symbol of the superior powers of the federal union over the far more limited powers held by the states.

Here are facts about funnel cakes.

The Houston International Fest runs one more weekend. The last two days are Saturday 4/24 and Sunday 4/25. You should go if you are anywhere near Downtown Houston.

While it is somewhat expensive in my view, the festival is good-natured and attracts all types of folks. There are bands to see, cultural exhibits, and food to eat. The Caribbean is the region of the Earth that is the focus of the festival this year.

While my post here and my blog are on the left, the International Fest is happy to have visitors of all ideological leanings.

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