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Door To Open Door Mission Is Closed

The door to the Open Door Mission on Harrisburg Blvd. in Houston is closed.

I’m not saying that this place does not do good work or that the door is closed for a good reason.

It is not out of business.

I’m simply saying that the door to the Open Door Mission is in this picture quite closed and locked.

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Two Pictures Of Your Friendly Blogger—Contrasting Aspects Of Our Shared Existence

Here are two pictures of your friendly blogger.

I know I don’t look so friendly in these pictures. You’ll simply have to take my word for the fact.

In this first picture I am at Burnet Woods in Cincinnati, Ohio on what was a very cold day this past February.

In this next picture, I am at the Houston Ship Channel just a few hours ago. This was a much warmer day in Houston then the day you see pictured in Cincinnati.

Burnet Woods and the Houston Ship Channel are places with both organic and man-made elements.

These are aspects of existence that are found in each of us.

We are partly our own creation and we are partly a creation of things beyond our control.

I dig both these aspects of our existence.

I took these pictures by myself with my iphone.

The ability to be alone, and still to be able to share what I’ve done alone with others is yet another contrasting aspect of the existence we all share.

What an interesting world and existence we all share.

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