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In An Ethnically Diverse Society, All People Have The Right To Be Apathetic

Here in Houston and Harris County, Texas, it is runoff day for candidates in races where nobody reached 50% of the vote on Primary Day last month.

There are votes such as this all over Texas today.

The estimated turnout for this vote in Harris County is around 5%.

In Harris County, you can take your ballot in three different languages as illustrated by the sign you see above that was outside my polling place today.

You can vote in English, Spanish or Vietnamese.

In a diverse part of the nation like Houston and Harris County, all groups of people have the right to be apathetic and to have no idea what is taking place.

In less diverse parts of Texas, only one group of people is likely to be ignorant of the events of the day. Here in Houston though, there is a near limitless number of racial and ethnic groups that are ignoring this election.

This is what freedom is all about.

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