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When Will The So-Called Tea Party Stick Up For Coal Miners In W. Virginia Who Die From Greed And No Effective Regulation Of The Mines?

A few days ago I made a post about the coal mine disaster in West Virginia.

(Above—A vigil in West Virginia for the miners killed last week.)

Two causes of the tragedy may be greedy mine ownership from Massey Energy that put safety before profits and, also, poor federal safety oversight of the mine.

In my post, a blog reader left a comment wondering where Sarah Palin was on this issue.

This is an excellent question. Where is Mrs. Palin and all the alleged working class champions of the so-called Tea Party movement?

You’d think these champions of working people would be demanding that greedy mine owners and lax regulation be addressed right now for the safety of  blue-collar Americans.

Instead, these so-called Tea Party people are out trying to get average working people to fight against finally getting some health insurance.

Let’s be clear—These so-called Tea Party folks are sick with self-revlusion and with anger at anyone they feel has a better life than they do. They also don’t seem to like people that they see as different from themselves.

They are blinded by this self-hate and by this anger.

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  1. So true, tea party is a joke. Just a bunch of scared middle and lower middle class losers

    Comment by Paul from Dallas | April 12, 2010

  2. You do wish they would see a better course.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 12, 2010

  3. for the record the 4 missing miners are also dead.

    My father and many other family members are/were coal miners going back to the 1920’s. 95% were UMWA. Even though they were union mines several were killed in them.

    You say why dont they just get another job. There aren’t any. Yeah, sure they could drive 30-60 minutes just to work for minimum wage at McDonalds. Or they could drive 1-2 hours to work at Walmart for just a little more. Before you judge them for their work choice you need to go to these places and see for yourself just how many jobs are in those towns.

    Also there are many other jobs just as dangerous. Just off the top of my head: policemen fireman (which my father also happens to be in the volunteer squad) ironworkers. When a cop dies on the job not one person says how dumb are they to work in such a dangerous job! There are honored and memorialized almost as a martyr. Same with firefighters—And they work with severly inadequate safety gear all the time. Check out what Dennis O’Leary’s charity that raises money for supplies. He lost 4 cousins in 1 fire in Boston for inadequate supplies. BUT a miner dies and they are considered stupid hillbillies who aren’t smart enough to do anything but use a shovel!

    Comment by Felicia | April 13, 2010

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