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Ever Watch An Airplane Ascend And Feel Lonely Even Though You Have A Pretty Good Life?

Ever watch an airplane ascend and feel lonely even though you have a pretty good life?

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Harris County Democratic Primary Runoff On April 13—Please Vote In Texas Primary Runoff Elections

There is a runoff taking place in Texas for Democratic candidates in races where no candidate reached 50%  on Primary Election Day. The Texas Primary was held on March 2.

Early voting for the runoff ends on April 9.

I won’t be early voting in this election because I’d have no idea who to vote for at the moment.

But I will vote on Tuesday, April 13. This is the day that the polls are open for runoffs across Texas.

You will need to check in advance where you should vote. Not all polls that were open on Primary Day will be open for the runoff.

In Harris County, Texas, the runoffs involve races for various judgeships.

Here are the endorsements of the Harris County AFL-CIO.

Here are the endorsements of the Houston GLBT Political Caucus.

The League of Women Voters also has a guide to the runoff.

Wherever you are in Texas, please vote in the runoff if such a vote is taking place. Think of the added impact your vote will have in such a low turnout election.

Beyond that, please think of your obligation to be an involved citizen in our society.

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