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42 Years Since Death Of Martin Luther King—Learn More About Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King was shot and killed 42 years ago today.

Rev. King died April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee.

It is always the right time to think about the life of Martin Luther King.

A good way to learn about Rev. King would be to click this link to the third edition of my Martin Luther King Reading & Reference List.

This is the best such resource on the web.

Dr. King was and is far more than just the I Have A Dream Speech.

Take the time needed to learn about Dr. King.

Learning more about Rev. King will inform you on how to conduct yourself as an individual in a difficult world, and on how to see yourself as a member of our complex society.

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Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up Has Risen For Another Week

Image, Source: intermediary roll film

It is Easter Sunday and the Texas Progressive Alliance blog round-up has risen for another week. The TPA is a confederation of the best political bloggers in Texas.

Above you see an easter Sunday photograph of a church in Granger, Texas that was taken in 1943. The photo comes from the American Memory Project of the Library of Congress.

Here is the link to the City of Granger. This community, an hour from Austin, had 1,299 people in the 2000 Census. I hope the people of Granger are filling out the 2010 census and not resisting for some crazy anti-government reasons.

A comprehensive yet manageable history of religion in Texas can be found in the excellent Handbook of Texas Online.

From that history—

“Until almost the end of Mexican Texas, Anglo-Americans seeking permission to settle in Texas had to accept the Catholic faith. Moses and Stephen F. Austin, neither of whom seems to have taken organized religion too seriously, readily complied. Although baptized at birth by a Congregational minister in Durham, Connecticut, the elder Austin assured Spanish authorities in December 1820 in San Antonio that he was “a Catholic.” The son, actually a Jeffersonian Deist who was never formally affiliated with any religious body, likewise satisfied Mexican officials of his Catholicism. Sam Houston was baptized by a priest in 1833. Lured primarily by economic opportunity, early American settlers obviously could wear whatever religious garb was required.”

Here is this week’s round-up—

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme sees vast differences between Rick Perry, his bud David Dewhurst and Bill White. Democrats are for a robust public education while Republicans are doing their darnedest to kill it.

This week at Texas Vox, the commissioners at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) undermine the findings of their own staff in order to follow TCEQ’s mission statement that prioritizes economic development over protecting the environmental health of Texas. Are we surprised?

Are you playing the Barnett Shale economic shell game? Learn the rules at Bluedaze: DRILLING REFORM FOR TEXAS

The Texas Cloverleaf has commentary on Congressional GOP members behaving like adults; if grown-ups were 4 years old, that is. Continue reading

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