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Excellent Storm Drain Cover

Here is an excellent storm drain cover I saw in Downtown Houston.

You see this storm drain was made in India.

Those folks have to eat as well.

You see it has an illustration of a pelican and of a fish.

Anything you drop down that drain ends up in Galveston Bay and might kill fish and pelicans.

This is a useful lesson. You do something bad and you don’t know who or what it will impact somewhere along the line.

Seek to do good. As hard as that be at times.

Here is a history of storm drainage in Calhoun County, Michigan.

From that history—

“The history of drainage in Michigan is deeply rooted in our State’s abundant rainfall, in its diverse terrain, and in the rich variety of soils left by retreating glaciers. Containing vast tracts of poorly-drained land, the territory was considered uninhabitable by early explorers. Much of today’s prime farmland, in fact, was earlier written off as hopelessly unfit for cultivation. Despite setbacks from malaria and other insect-borne diseases, man’s conquering instincts prevailed. Among priorities of early leaders was creation of a system of roads promoting access to interior regions. Our first territorial drain law, enacted prior to 1820, provided drainage for these early highways. “

I wager this history is a bit more excitement than you imagined about storm drainage.

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