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Why Do These Fire Hydrants Have Antennas?

Above is a picture I took a few days ago of a fire hydrant in Wheaton, Illinois.

You see that the fire hydrant has an antenna. Does anyone know why this fire hydrant would have an antenna?

Below you see another picture of a fire hydrant with an antenna. This hydrant was just down the block for the other hydrant.

Are these hydrants in communication with each other? Like some type of evil robots or cylons?

Are they communicating with the fire station? Are they communicating with the water department about water levels? Is it some type of art?

Here is some history of fire hydrants from Fire Hydrant.org.

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  1. Neil,

    I think those are fire hydrant markers — when the snow piles up, for instance, the marker clues in people that there’s a fire hydrant under there. Fire departments (and others) can buy the markers online from sites like this one: http://www.emergencyresponderproducts.com/fihyma.html. We don’t have them down here, I suppose, because we don’t have that much snow.

    Take care,

    Jennifer Peebles

    Comment by Jennifer Peebles | March 26, 2010

  2. Ms. Peebles–You offer a strong theory here. Though I’m still holding out for something like these hydrants were placed here by beings from another galaxy and are transmitting information about if we are good to eat or not.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 26, 2010

  3. My God, it’s a government conspiracy; the IRS is monitoring our neighborhood expenditures. The fire hydrants are communicating with each other and sending the data back to those baby killers in D.C.!!That’s it; I’m joining the Tea Party.

    Comment by Mark G. | March 26, 2010

  4. Damn—I knew it was something like that.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 26, 2010

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