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When Census Jobs Are Done, Will Death Panels Begin To Hire?

When all the Census jobs are done, will the Death Panels begin to hire?

With the Census well underway and with health care reform now passed, I hope Americans will be able to find work on the Death Panels Republicans said would result from the health care bill.

These jobs are needed in these tough times.

I hope that Death Panel work is done in local communities and not outsourced to India. It takes local hometown knowledge to know who should be left to die.

I would consider working on a Death Panel if the wage and benefit package is competitive.

Republicans promised Death Panels. Where are the jobs?!?!

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If In Illinois, You Might Want To See A Park Named After Lincoln

If you are in Illinois, it seems right that you see a park named after Abe Lincoln.

Here is such a park in Wheaton, Ilinois that I saw a few hours ago.

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Nephew Builds Structure With Lincoln Logs

My young nephew made a structure today out of Lincoln Logs.

You see that the structure is built in part over a race track.

You also see that there is a corral with animals and trees inside the corral.

I hope that my nephew grows up to be as smart and as creative as is his uncle Neil!

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