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Brutal Texas Nutballs Help Me Feel Like I Am At Home Even When I Am Far Away

Just because I’m in the Chicago suburbs this evening, does not mean I can’t keep up with the far-right Texans committed to making sure that folks have no health insurance and that Texas never accepts the outcome of the Civil War.

The Congressman who screamed “babykiller” during the health care debate was a Texan. Randy Neugebauer of Lubbock was the guilty party who did the yelling.

Also, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is one of a group of AG’s nationwide who plan to file suit to stop parts of the health care bill.

It’s the same idea of nullification of federal law that the far right has always held dear whenever they feel that the federal government is doing something to make life better.

Does it matter to Mr. Neugebauer and Mr. Abbott that millions of Texans don’t have health insurance?

No—It does not matter.

With these brutal Texas nutballs making news up here in Illinois and nationwide, I have the warm feeling of home even though I am far away.

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