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Recount! Ted Kennedy Beats Scott Brown

Not long ago, all we heard about is how Scott Brown winning the Senate election in Massachusetts to replace Ted Kennedy meant that Mr. Kennedy’s hope of health care for all was finished.

Well—There has been a recount in this matter. The House had passed the health care bill and it appears that Mr. Kennedy had gotten the better of Mr. Brown.

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Texas Governor Perry Says Health Bill Is Part Of Spread Of Socialism—I Hope He Is Right

Crazy far right wing Texas Governor Rick Perry has said tonight that the passage of the health care bill means that socialism is spreading across the United States.

( Please excuse the absence of a link to the quote. I’m on my iPhone around midnight in a hotel room in the Chicago suburbs. Getting links in the post is beyond my skills and current energy level.)

All I can say about what Governor Perry has said is that I hope he is correct.

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