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Photo Of Houston River Valley

Here is a picture I took of what passes for a river valley here in Houston.

This is one of our bayous in a concrete channel. I took this photo from a bridge that passes over the bayou.

A bridge or going up an elevator is really the only way to get any elevation in Houston.

Below is the Rhine River valley in Germany.  It sure looks nice

Would it be better to be where it is so nice?

No–Every place has good points and bad points.

There is really nothing so wrong with the Houston river valley.

Things are as they are.

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  1. Well first you are comparing an apple stem (not even an apple) to an orange… take of one of the most mundane parts of the bayou (big ditch/sewer system) and compare it with a great view of a castle on the Rhine, only a cynic or propagandist would do that. You take buffalo bayou in all its splendor at downtown with all the lights on a clear night, then our big ditch looks much nicer than the Rhine with the city lights in the background. Or you could actually compare a nice picture on a real Houston river like the Brazos or the San Jacinto and there are very nice parts on each, just as any river. Even when comparing real Houston rivers it’s apples to oranges because the Rhine is such a large and famous river compared to ours. Stop being a cynic, live life and embrace all places and people!

    Comment by me | May 22, 2012

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