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While You Can’t Learn About Thomas Jefferson In Texas Schools, You Can Learn About Jefferson At This Blog

The so-called Texas State Board of Education has decided to remove Thomas Jefferson from the curriculum taught to school kids in Texas.

(Above–Jefferson as painted by Rembrandt Peale in 1800.)

From a blog in the science magazine Discover

“Board member Cynthia Dunbar wants to change a standard having students study the impact of Enlightenment ideas on political revolutions from 1750 to the present. She wants to drop the reference to Enlightenment ideas (replacing with “the writings of”) and to Thomas Jefferson. She adds Thomas Aquinas and others. Jefferson’s ideas, she argues, were based on other political philosophers listed in the standards. We don’t buy her argument at all. Board member Bob Craig of Lubbock points out that the curriculum writers clearly wanted to students to study Enlightenment ideas and Jefferson. Could Dunbar’s problem be that Jefferson was a Deist? The board approves the amendment, taking Thomas Jefferson OUT of the world history standards.”

The blog post above was written by the scientist Carl Zimmer. Mr. Zimmer often writes about evolution.

Evolution is real.

However, just because you can’t learn about Thomas Jefferson in our Texas schools, does not mean you can’t learn about our third President here in Texas.

You can learn about Thomas Jefferson right here at Texas Liberal.

Here are three strong resources to learn about Jefferson—

The Miller Center for Public affairs at the U. of Virginia has excellent profiles of the Presidents. Here is the profile for President Jefferson.

Here is the link to the plantation home of Mr. Jefferson. This Monticello web site is very well done.

Here are the Thomas Jefferson papers from the Library of Congress. There are also essays about Mr. Jefferson at this site.

Our Texas State Board of Education wants people to be ignorant. Yet we should not be ignorant.


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  1. Its hard being a liberal in Texas, I know. But what an illustrious history populism/liberalism has had in our state!

    Way out here in Oregon I have in my library, books on legends like

    Ralph Yarborough
    Frankie Randolph
    J R Partin
    Bernard Rapoport
    Walter Hall
    Maury Maverick
    Sam Rayburn
    Wright Patman
    and so forth.

    A very proud tradition and I only wish that liberals in Texas understand they are the inheritors of a proud and sustained resistance of conscience and intellect to the lowest-common-denominator conformism that has been so dominant in Texas and everywhere else for that matter.

    Comment by Ex-Texan Now in Oregon | March 18, 2010

  2. Thanks for this excellent comment. Nothing I can add to improve such a comment.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 25, 2010

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