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If Kids, A Home, Living In America and Religion Are So Important, Then Why Are So Many People So Bitter And Spiteful?

If having kids, owning a home, living in America and believing in God are such important things, then why are so many people who do all four of these things so bitter?

I have no problem with any of these things, but if they are as much as we are so often told they are, why are not people more happy and less spiteful.

Maybe folks should think about things that would help them be less angry and more helpful to others than just the things we have always been told matter most.

If we engaged in such reflective thinking, then maybe we would better enjoy all aspects of our lives.

Maybe kids, a home, our country, and people’s God would have fuller meaning if we gave more thought to what a complete life really is about.

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How Come I’m Willing To Pay Taxes For Schools, Even Though I Don’t Have Kids, While Many Parents Vote Against School Taxes?

How come I’m willing to pay whatever taxes are required for good schools–even though I don’t have kids–while many people who have had kids vote against school bond issues and bitch about any tax increase?

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Working People Resisting Efforts To Make Sure They Have Health Insurance Is So Stupid

Average working people resisting efforts by President Obama to make sure they are able to get health insurance is one of the most stupid things I have ever seen.

I’m just not sure what more I can say on this matter.

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