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Houston Mayor Annise Parker Should Expand Her Focus To Health Care Reform—She Often Talks About Other Federal Issues

Above you see Houston Mayor Annise Parker encouraging folks in Houston to fill out their census forms.

Very good.

Here are details of testimony offered by Mayor Parker about EPA clean air standards that impact Houston.

All right. We should hear what the Mayor has to say on this issue.

Here is a link about an agreement the Mayor is going to sign in an effort to help promote  trade between Houston and Mexico.

Okay. This is a concern for Houston.

Here is a Houston Chronicle editorial discussing that fact that one in three people in Houston have no health insurance.

Have we heard anything about support for federal health care reform from the Mayor or from Democrats on Houston City Council?

I’ve not heard anything.

Here is a list of press releases from the Mayor since she took office. The issue of health care reform is not addressed by Mayor Parker on this list.

President Obama and Democrats in Washington could use the support of the Democratic Mayor of the fourth largest city in the United States.

A strong statement by Mayor Parker might cause other local leaders around the nation to speak up. Such a statement might serve as notice to the many citizens of Houston who do not vote in city elections that the concerns of all people are of importance to Mayor Parker.

Sometimes when you suggest that local officials should take up issues being discussed on the national scene, you will hear in reply that the focus needs to be on what matters to local voters.

Though at the same time, I’m certain Mayor Parker would be happy to tell folks that Houston is an international city.

Houston is a global city when that is the concept suits people in power. On the other hand, it is a city where we need to focus on flooding and roads when that idea of Houston suits people in power.

Here is a City of Houston web page called Green Houston. It is all about making Houston a more environmentally friendly place to live.

Here is what Mayor Parker says on this Green Houston page—

“The City of Houston is working harder than ever to make Houston green. We have made a lot of progress, but more is needed. We need the help of every citizen of Houston to do their part. I would encourage everyone to take a little time and explore this web site to learn what they can do to make Houston green.”

Great–I’m all for it.

Mayor Parker could order up a Health Care for All page or a Living Wage for Houston page.

Mayor Parker can direct her focus to any issue she wishes. There are many people in Houston who could use the Mayor’s help and advocacy.

Maybe with the Mayor setting the example, more people in Houston would fight for themselves instead of just accepting the fact that things around here are often very rough.

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Picture Of Houston

Here’s a picture I took today that captures Houston well-enough.

You’ve got the droopy palm trees, a billboard, a sign for an oil company, and a highway.

This is a Houston anybody who lives here would understand.

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