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Four Day School Week/Could Our Kids Be Any More Ignorant?

The Wall Street Journal reports that some school districts are considering a four day school week.

From the article—

“In North Branch, Minn., school Superintendent Deb Henton said her 3,500-student district, facing a $1.3 million deficit, is simply out of options..”We’ve repeatedly asked our residents to pay higher taxes, cut some of our staff, and we may even close one of our schools,” she said. “What else can you really do?” Despite a “lot of opposition” from parents, she said, the district is set to adopt a four-day week for next school year…A new law in Georgia allows schools a choice between a 180-day school year “or the equivalent.” Hawaii officials last October introduced 17 mandatory “Furlough Fridays” for state public schools. In Minnesota and Iowa, districts are drafting proposals for their state boards of education in hopes of implementing four-day schedules next school year….”

Here is the link to the North Branch, Minnesota school district referenced in the story.

From the web home of the district, here are proposed cuts in North Branch beyond the four-day week planned for next school year—

“Director of Finance and Personnel Randi Johnson presented the 2010-11 budget recommendation to the school board. It calls for $1.34 million in reductions, the majority of which are non-instructional. In brief, roughly $850,000 of the cuts are non-instructional, while roughly $222,000 are use of one-time funds. There are cuts to administrative, support, custodial, transportation, and classroom teacher staff. However, though teaching staff comprises roughly 50% of the overall budget, they account for 19% of the reductions, and most of those reductions (roughly 4 of the 6 full-time equivalent positions) were accomplished through attrition – retirements, leaves of absence, etc.”

Can you imagine our children being any more ignorant than they are? The length of the school year needs to be expanded.

Can you imagine that parents, taxpayers, teachers, business leaders, and elected officials in these school districts can’t work out a solution?

All I can say if that these kids were really needed to fill high-tech jobs and if the future really had value, a solution would be found.

You can bet that a way will be found for wealthy kids to get the education they need to get good jobs.

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  1. if the school board would just go back to the “no tolerance” attitude, and got rid of the “no child left behind” act, our kids would have to learn to take responsibility for their actions, just like we as parents now had to do, when we went to school. it’s all about money. i personally agree that teachers need to make more $$, but since all of our tax money goes elsewhere that is useless and nonsense, asking us to pay more is ridiculous! we pay enough already! give us break too!

    Comment by yes | March 8, 2010

  2. Now these parents will need to pay for childcare (since they’ll be working 5 days per week and their kids will only be in school for 4) instead of paying the proposed tax increase. So they are out as much–if not more–money, plus their kids are receiving less instruction time.

    The parents should have considered this before rejecting the tax increase. Too bad it’s the chidren that suffer. This is why it is so important to work with your kids at home to supplement what they’re learning in school. However, I have a feeling that the parents who don’t value education enough to pay for it will put their kids in front of the tv instead.

    Comment by Sarah V. | March 8, 2010

  3. Thanks for both comments. Enough taxes need to be raised so education can be done right. I just don’t get how it is that I’m totally willing to pay taxes for schools when I have no kids while people with kids often won’t pay up.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 11, 2010

  4. I’m 15. I’m in high school and in school on Fridays we don’t really learn that much, teachers take it easier than the other days and it should not be expanded look at china, they go an extensive amount of time and have the one of the highest suicide rates, yeah… no thanks think i’ll stick to shortening it one day since if kids don’t want to learn then that’s their problem and we’re not going to suffer from one day. We really aren’t. The schools can instead of having week vacations have like 3-4 day vacations, and we only get 1 snow day then the vacation days suffer, a little bit shorter summers. It can all be balanced out i’m sure.

    Comment by Brandon C | March 21, 2010

  5. I’m sorry i forgot to add, why don’t they start teaching more advanced meaningful stuff, ALGEBRA, GEOMETRY, and I’m not sure about TRIG, are so pointless, you don’t even know. Earth science, bio, you actually learn useful things, but only if you’re going to be a geologist in earth science or a scientist, and i’m not going to get into the rest.

    Comment by Brandon C | March 21, 2010

  6. multum non multa.

    Comment by Jason | March 9, 2011

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