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Texas Primary Results—You Won’t Find Them Here/ I’ve Done My Civic Duty

The Texas primary was earlier today and I voted. Not only did I vote, I attended the precinct caucuses we have here in Texas after the polls close on primary day.

At my precinct caucus, I was picked as a delegate to the convention later this month in Houston for Texas Senate District 15.

Even a doofus such as myself can be selected when there are 29 spots and only 8 people show up for the caucus.

With the four posts I did about the primary two days ago and with the hassles I endured yesterday loading that video on my blog—the first time I’ve added a video since I bought an Apple computer. I’m not always so adept with computers —I’m blogged out for the moment.

I think I’ve met my blogging and civic obligations for the time being. I’m going to go watch TV with the wife.

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