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Harris County AFL-CIO Endorsements—Including Terrible Selection Of Edwards Over Miles

As I never weary of telling folks, I was in 1997 a Stonewall Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Ohio AFL-CIO endorsed candidate for the Cincinnati Board of Education.

Here in Houston and Harris County, the local GLBT endorsements get some notice. However, the Harris County AFL-CIO Labor Council endorsements get less play.

So–in appreciation for the  endorsement in Cincinnati 13 years ago, here are the Harris County AFL-CIO endorsements.

Please note however, that the pick in Texas State House District 146 is a terrible pick. Mr. Edwards has often sided with the most conservative and reactionary of Republicans in Austin. Borris Miles is the best selection in 146.

United States Congress
9th District – Al Green
18th District – Sheila Jackson Lee
22nd District – Doug Blatt
29th District – Gene Green

Governor – Bill White
Lt. Governor – Linda Chavez Thompson
Attorney General – Barbara Ann Radnofsky
Comptroller – No Endorsement
Land Commissioner – Hector Uribe
Agricultural Commissioner – Hank Gilbert
Railroad Commissioner – Jeff Weems
Texas Supreme Court, Place 3 – Jim Sharp
Texas Supreme Court, Place 5 – Bill Moody
Texas Supreme Court, Place 9 – Blake Bailey
Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 2 – No Endorsement
Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 5 – No Endorsement
Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 6 – Keith Hampton
Chair, Texas Democratic Party – Boyd Richie

State House of Representatives
State Representative 146 – Al Edwards

County Administration
County Clerk – Sue Smith Schechter

County Criminal Courts
Court 2 – Mary Connealy Acosta
Court 3 – Judith Snively
Court 9 – Juanita Jackson Barner
Court 10 – Grant U. Hardeway, Sr.
Court 12 – Cheryl Harris Diggs
Court 13 – Dennis Slate

County Civil Courts
Court 1 – Steve Reilley
Court 2 – Damian E. LaCroix
Court 3 – Damon Crenshaw or Javier Valenzuela

Probate Courts
Court No. 2 – Joellen Snow or Michael J. Skadden
Court No. 3 – Mary Galligan

Justice of the Peace
Pct. 1, Place 2 – Don Coffey

District Courts
Civil District Courts
113th – Christina Bryan
157th – Shawn Thierry
189th – Andy Pereira
190th – Olan Boudreaux
234th – Tanner Garth
270th – Charles Spain or Bob Thomas
281st – Juliet Kathy Stipeche or Donna Roth
295th – Paul Simon or Reginald McKamie

Criminal District Courts
180th – Lori Gooch
248th – Trent Gaither

Family District Courts
245th – Janiece Horn
247th – Clinton “Chip” Wells
308th – Bruce Kessler
310th – Judy Dougherty
311th – Steve Herskowitz

Juvenile District Courts
313th – Marc Isenberg or Natalie Oakes
314th – John Liles
315th – Bill Thursland

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