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Bird In Airport

Here is a picture I took earlier this week of a bird in the Cincinnati airport.

The bird seemed well. It was hopping around on the carpet and nibbling and pecking at crumbs on the floor.

The bird saw me eating a bagel and  hopped over hoping I would make some crumbs.

Sometimes the bird would fly over to the potted tree near the door of the smoking lounge in the terminal. It would sit on the tree for a few minutes before coming back to look for some more food.

I think the bird was doing just fine in the airport. It sure was cold outside.

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One More Time—Borris Miles In Texas House District 146

(2/26/10—Blogger’s Note—This the second time for this post—Just as Mr. Miles is looking for another go-round in Austin. I’m running the post again because I think it is an important race. A shift from incumbent Al Edwards to Mr. Miles will offer District 146 representation much more in line with the needs and concerns of the district.)

Borris Miles is running to win back the Texas House of Representatives seat he lost two years ago.

This is in Texas House District 146. Please click here for a map of this district.

Mr. Miles was at one point seen by many as a promising legislator.

However, during his term in the legislature Mr. Miles went to a party and was alleged to have waived a gun at people attending the party.

(Above–Borris Miles seeming calm and well-composed.)

This alleged gun waiving did not help Mr. Miles at the polls in 2008.

However, we must recall that Mr. Miles was found innocent of charges related to this event.

The man Mr. Miles lost to in 2008 was the same person he defeated in the 2006 Democratic primary to win the seat in the first place –Al Edwards.

Mr. Edwards is awful. His district is quite Democratic, yet he has often aligned himself with the most conservative Republicans in the Texas legislature.

Voters understood this in 2006 when they turned out Mr. Edwards and elected Mr. Miles.

Mr. Miles is a smart man and I think he has changed his course for the better.

Al Edwards is the same man—playing all sides and for himself at all times—that he was when voters tossed him out in 2006.

In the Democratic primary coming up this March 2nd, I ask District 146 voters to please consider giving Mr. Miles another chance.

We all merit a second chance.

Mr. Edwards has had many chances, and each chance he gets he goes to Austin and helps far right-wing Republicans make Texas an even tougher place to live.

Here is the Borris Miles Facebook page.

Here is the web home for the Miles campaign.

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Best Resources To Figure Out Who To Vote For In Harris County & In Texas For 2010 Democratic Primary

The Texas Democratic Primary is coming up on March 2, 2009.

Any properly registered voter can vote in the Democratic primary. The only restriction is that you cannot also vote in the Republican primary if you vote in the Democratic primary.

There are many contested races on the ballot in Texas and here in Harris County, Texas.

How should one vote? Nobody knows about all these people running for all these judgeships.

Please take note—The judicial races in Harris County are for the whole county. Though it may say district court  on the ballot, the races are countywide.

What are the best resources to learn about the candidates in contested Democratic primaries both in Harris County and statewide?

I am aware of two resources that are best.

Houston blogger Charles Kuffner has a spreadsheet with information about the candidates in contested Democratic primaries. This spreadsheet  has links to interviews that Mr. Kuffner conducted with most of the candidates, a list of endorsements the candidates have received, and links to the web homes for the candidates.

Another strong resource is the voters guide issued by the League of Women Voters of the Houston Area. This guide, accessible online, has information for both Harris County and Fort Bend County.

Please find some time over the weekend to figure out who to vote for on primary day. There are campaign volunteers, party workers, bloggers and others who spend time on these races because they think it is the right thing to do as citizens. Please make some effort on your part to be a good citizen as well.

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