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Tax-Hating Texan Commits Act Of Terrorism

I’m watching television coverage of the act of terrorism committed by the tax-
hating Texan who smashed a plane into a building in Austin, Texas. This building contains offices of the Internal Revenue Service.

The terrorist left a note indicating his hate for the IRS. In this note, he calls for other people to commit acts of violence.

When you smash an airplane into a building, you’ve committed an act of terrorism. It makes no difference if you are a Muslim or a tax-hating Texan.

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There Will Never Ever Be A Small Government Again In The United States

I’m sitting here in Cincinnati watching TV with my father. He is flipping channels on the TV.

Dad flipped to Fox News. On Fox News there was a reporter for the right-wing magazine The Weekly Standard saying that people want a return to “small government.”

The political fortunes of the right and left will wax and wane, but there will never ever be a small government in the United States. I want all the right-wingers to grasp this fact—No matter what you do, the U.S. government will never ever be small.

Regardless of what the right does, there will be millions of federal employees, hundreds of billions of tax dollars spent each year, and vast tracts of land under federal control.

And when George W. Bush was President and Republicans ran Congress, government got even bigger.

So take that you kooks!

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My Father Wants Me To Go To McDonald’s And Get Him A Fish Sandwich

My father wants me to go out and get him some lottery tickets and a fish sandwich from McDonald’s

Very good. I’ve flown home to Cincinnati to do just these types of things.

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