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I Swear On The High Seas & In Front Of The U.S. Flag That I Am On Vacation

I am on vacation.

I will attest to this on the high seas of Galveston Bay and in front of the United States flag.

This is a picture taken by a couple that was on the Bolivar Ferry with me this afternoon.

The man was practiced at being friendly while the woman was standoffish.

As I noted in an recent post, I was supposed to fly to Cincinnati this morning.

Snow got in the way of that flight. So I drove an hour south to go see the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston.

I will try again to fly to Cincinnati in 12 hours.

Why am I going to Cincinnati in February? It is because Cincinnati is a garden spot of the Earth.

If over the next few days you see a guy in a rental car ordering a cup of decaf coffee from a White Castle in Cincinnati—That might well be me.

I’ll be posting over the next week. I’m just not sure what I’ll be posting.

Thank you for reading Texas Liberal. I hope you get a vacation very soon. I’m sure that you have earned some time off.

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These Pumps Are Not In Service

I’m sorry—But these pumps I saw today in Galveston, Texas are not in service.

You will have to go elsewhere.

Please don’t be concerned. If something falls out of use, there are many others of the same—or that are new and improved—to replace what is gone.

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You’re Free To Use Your Business To Support A Right-Wing Nut And I’m Free To Go Elsewhere

Today I drove past a restaurant in Galveston, Texas that I have eaten at many times.

I’d guess that since I moved to Houston in 1998, I’ve eaten at this place at least 15 times—Maybe more.

Political signs in front of this business place today endorsed far right-wing Tea Party nut Debra Medina in the upcoming Republican primary for Governor of Texas.

The owner of this business has the right to use the business to promote any cause he or she wishes to promote.

I have the right not to spend any money at this business again.

I don’t ask the politics of the business owner when I spend money at a small business. All I want is good value for my money and courteous service.

(Though if I walk into a bar or restaurant and Fox News is on the TV, I walk out.)

It seems unfair to ask the politics of the little guy when I spend money all the time with large corporations that cheat people, corrupt our government with big money lobbying, and pollute the Earth.

But if you’re going to make a point of thumbing your nose at my beliefs—Then you can move on.

If I had a small business, I’d never make my politics known at the business place. How could I ask for people’s money when I am taking a swipe at them at the same time? I can imagine few actions more disrespectful to potential customers.

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