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Since It Is Snowing In Cincinnati, I Am Taking A Boat Ride

When I woke up this morning, I thought I’d be catching a plane to Cincinnati. However, my flight has been delayed a day due to snow in Cincinnati.

Having a vacation day in front of me but with no plane trip to take, I’ve driven 50 miles south to Galveston.

In the picture you see the wake of a big ship. I took this picture from the Bolivar Ferry. The Bolivar Ferry runs between Galveston Island and Bolivar Pennisula.

Sometimes things work out well even when what you had planned must be changed.

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Home Subscribers Of Houston Chronicle Get Free Mini-Box Of Chocolate Cheerios

On Saturday morning February 13, home subscribers of the Houston Chronicle got a free mini-box of new Chocolate Cheerios along with the morning paper.

Above you see a picture of both the newspaper and the cereal.

It is good to get the newspaper at home because then you have time to read the paper with your coffee and breakfast.

If you stay at home for whatever reason during the day, you can read the paper throughout the day.

This is the more civilized course in life. We all need a few minutes of down time to reflect on our world.

Buy, save, consume and recycle all in the right measure. There is no contradiction in this.

Jobs are created and saved when we buy real things in the real world.

Our lives are better when a community is informed by a newspaper and when we make the time to consider the events of the day.

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