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Two-Thirds Of Americans Say Keep Trying On Health Care Reform Bill—Republicans Have An Obligation To Help Govern

Two-thirds of Americans want Congress and the President to continue to try and work out a Health Care Reform bill.

This is according to an ABC-Washington Post poll.

This number includes 56% of independents and 42% of Republicans.

People of all ideologies know that the current system of health care in America does not work.

With 41 votes in the Senate now, Republicans have an obligation to help govern and to do more than just say no.

Democrats must also understand that they are not going to get all they want.

Yet at the same time, Democrats should use the majorities they have in Congress for the rest of 2010 for the benefit of the American people. No party is likely to have such a firm control of Congress for many years after the 2010 elections.

Let’s move ahead on all sides to expand access to health insurance and ban the practice of denying coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Despite all the noise over the last year, this is what the American people want to see happen.

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Diane Trautman For Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector

In the upcoming Texas Democratic Primary, Harris County voters should support Diane Trautman for Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector.

(Above you see Ms. Trautman holding a baby.)

Texas primary day is March 2. Early voting begins on February 16. Here are facts about early voting.

Here are the duties involved with this important position. The Tax Assessor deals with property valuations, vehicle registration and voter registration.

While Ms. Trautman is running unopposed on the March ballot, a strong primary showing will send a clear message that Ms. Trautman is headed to victory in November.

Here is the Trautman campaign web home.

When elected, Ms. Trautman will work hard to make sure that tax assessments will be conducted fairly, and that Harris County voters are registered in an open and legal manner.

What a switch doing the job of Tax Assessor-Collector in a fair and competent fashion will represent  from business as usual in the Tax Assessor’s office.

It is wrong for subordinates in the Tax Assessor’s office to sell voter registration data to a political party. It is wrong even if appointed incumbent Leo Vasquez does not view it as wrong.

Ms. Trautman has experience in both banking and education. She will bring a renewed sense of ethics and public service to the office.

Ms. Trautman will serve her full term when elected and not pass on the office to someone else just weeks after the election. This cynical move is how Republicans kept control of the office in 2008 as Democrats made Election Day gains in Harris County.

Please consider supporting Diane Trautman for Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector in 2010.

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