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Two Thoughts On Texas Democratic Candidates For Governor Primary Debate

As part of my ongoing efforts to kill my blog traffic, here is a quick post on the Democratic debate for Governor of Texas that took place this evening. This is the kind of post you write about a fleeting event, and it stops drawing traffic not long after it is posted.

Still—We must take part in the political process!

The candidates in the debate tonight were Farouk Shami and Bill White.

I’ll offer two thoughts—

1.  The person you see in the picture above is quite rude and condescending. Her name is Shelley Kofler and she was one of the panelists this evening for the debate.

She was abrasive and condescending to candidate Farouk Shami many times during the debate. Ms. Kofler appears to have an extensive resume in television reporting and I’m sure she is quite well-informed about Texas politics. Yet at the same time, she is abrasive for no clear reason.

2. The debate tonight was the second time I’ve heard Mr. Shami speak and I find him more coherent than I think he comes off to many voters. There is an underlying theme of decency and fair-play in his campaign message. Maybe it is all an act, but I’d be open to the guy if he’d not go on about stuff like jobs for all and free electricity.  That kind of talk is simply not credible.

My friends at Burnt Orange Report live-blogged the debate this evening.  Fellow Houston blogger Martha Griffin did the same at Musings.

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  1. The panelists were as respectful of Mr. Shami and his accomplishments, albeit in the area of men’s grooming products, as every stereotype about Texas would lead you to believe.

    On the other hand, he came off as something of a nut. I’d love to have lunch with the man. I don’t think he’d be able to work the machine at 11th & Congress.

    So I guess I’m a White supporter. It’s like voting for John Kerry all over again.

    Comment by Stan Baker | February 9, 2010

  2. Shami is a Sham. (wow. that is a good title for a post.)

    God bless him for running, but that was the last we will see of Shami. Nice guy. Great hair care products, but not for governor.

    Comment by John Cobarruvias | February 9, 2010

  3. […] were straight from the GOP Primary – School vouchers, abortion, gay marriage, and Voter ID.  Texas Liberal’s comments are very good – debate moderation was not good, Shami came off as sincere but not credible on […]

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  4. Stan–There seems but little choice to vote for White. He’s the only Democrat with any chance of winning.

    John– Do you use his hair care products?

    Comment by Neil Aquino | February 10, 2010

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