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Is The Iphone Application For The Blog Working?

The last two times I’ve tried to use the WordPress application on my iPhone, it has not worked.

I’ve got a trip coming up to Cincinnati—because everybody goes to Ohio in Feburary—and I am writing this post on my phone to see if this is working for my trip.

The photo I’ve added is of the statue of William Henry Harrison that you can find in Downtown Cincinnati. I took this picture last summer.

Bill Harrison was our ninth President. He was the one who lasted for just a month back in 1841.

I am done with this post. Let us see if the application is working.

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Government Bailout Funds Pay For Sexist Ads To Appeal To Insecure Losers Who Need A Dodge Charger Because They Hate Women So Much


The commercial for the Dodge Charger during the Super Bowl said that a man should buy a Dodge Charger to make up for all the nagging he gets from women at home.

This is because government bailouts funds are for subsidizing sexist ads to appeal to the kind of loser who needs to buy this car.

Above you see a Dodge Charger in all its potency.

(Picture taken by Infrogmation.)

If you don’t like having a woman in your life, then go live on your own.

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